MPA1000 Customization with Lua Demo

Macnica at Infocomm 2021 Andrew Starks and Thomas Solowjow from Macnica demonstrate the power of customization for the MPA1000/ME10 full-stack IPMX solution, using its scripting environment and the open-source IDE. With the Lua scripting language, live debugging, a powerful REPL, and … Read More

IPMX Software Demo

Macnica at Infocomm 2021 Andrew Starks talks about Macnica’s technology preview of its early IPMX software implementation at the Infocomm 2021 Macnica booth. Software implementations will play an important role in the future of pro-AV systems. IPMX is efficiently encoding … Read More

Unboxing the MPA1000 Dev Kit

Be IPMX-Ready. Unbox the MPA1000 Dev Kit, a perfect tool for AV over IP system developers to evaluate the functions of MPA1000 SOM and develop software and web interfaces for their products. See what is included in the box.

What can you do with MPA1000 IPMX SoM from Macnica?

Take a deeper dive into what you can do with MPA1000 and its web interface. The Macnica MPA1000 4K AV over 1GbE Module allows manufacturers to include IPMX interoperability in any video product with a minimal investment in engineering. Simple configuration … Read More

What is IPMX – AV over IP standard?

If you are an AV equipment manufacturer a Pro AV integrator or an end-user of Pro AV equipment that has wanted an AV over IP standard that allows multi-vendor interoperability and scalability. This video is for you then. Find out … Read More

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