MPA1000 Launch Kit
IPMX Development Kit – just $1,950!

No need to pay a $20,000 licensing fee for a proprietary AV over IP standard and then start from scratch on the engineering. The IPMX open standard is free – and now for just $1,950 US, you can get the … Read More

cargo shipping
What shipping containers and IPMX have in common

In The Box, economist Marc Levinson argued that the invention of the intermodal shipping container made shipping so fast and inexpensive that it changed the world economy. Agreeing on a container that could be carried anywhere in the world by … Read More

IPMX logo
What is IPMX?

A dream come true for manufacturers and developers, IPMX is a free, open standard for transporting the highest quality video, audio and control signals  over IP networks. Unlike other AV over IP proposals, there are no licensing fees or restrictions … Read More

IPMX Standards

Learn About IPMX Hardware & Software Standards   IPMX, for Internet Protocol Media Experience, is the new free and open standard for AV over IP, the transmission of very high quality video, audio and control signals over standard IP networks. … Read More

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