Media Management Software

Open Standard-based Networked Media Management Framework


NMOS (Network Media Open Specifications) Software

Macnica is one of the only companies that provide NMOS (Network Media Open Specifications) software for all components of an end-to-end system, including endpoints, switches, and broadcast controller in an open standards environment. This means we truly understand the technology and how to manage the subtleties of the system.

Macnica’s NMOS software has been tested at multiple interoperability events held by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the Video Services Forum (VSF) ensuring Macnica products and our customer products seamlessly work with other vendors. The software is also integrated into the VIPA SDK to ensure a high level of interoperability and functionality for our VIPA customers.

Software Products
  • Broadcast Controller Software: Controls entire network of broadcasting elements, to include controlling multiple switches and end devices
  • Software on the Endpoint side (included in VIPA SDK to be shipped with VIPA Card): Uses IS-04 Registration and Discovery Protocol and IS-05 Device connection management
  • Software on the Switch side (licensed to customers designing switches and entire broadcast controller): Uses the IS-06 Network Controller that runs on top of OpenFlow

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NMOS Software Development Cycle