What is IPMX?


A dream come true for manufacturers and developers, IPMX is a free, open standard for transporting the highest quality video, audio and control signals  over IP networks.

Unlike other AV over IP proposals, there are no licensing fees or restrictions on IPMX. Manufacturers can use it as they wish but be assured that their products will be fully interoperable with all others built to the IPMX specifications.

Even better, IPMX combines the SMPTE 2110 set of standards now in use in the broadcast industry with features and specifications needed for pro AV. In doing so, it opens up new avenues of growth for pro AV manufacturers, integrators and consultants.

Those pro AV features include visually lossless compression, HDCP copy protection, network discovery and registration, I/O management for control, and the enhanced audio channel mapping required for multichannel surround sound.

Using IPMX, you can transport 4K video at 60 frames per second with 4:4:4 color over standard 1 Gb/s IP networks – and it’s remarkably flexible, ready for 8K and higher resolutions, and for 10, 25, even 40 and 100 Gb networks!

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