What Does IPMX Bring to Media Over IP for Live Production?


Join us at the IPShowcase booth W5222 at NAB Show 2022 in Las Vegas. Andrew Starks will give a live 30-minute presentation titled “What Does IPMX Bring to Media Over IP for Live Production?” on 4/26 at 1:00 PM.IP Showcase NAB IPMX Presentation

IPMX is a collection of standards and specifications for AV over IP that are making their way through VSF and AMWA, with heavy support and evangelism from the AIMS Alliance. IPMX starts with ST 2110 and NMOS and the bits and pieces for Pro AV and Pro AV use cases. However, there is a lot of live production happening in Pro AV, which is a major goal of IPMX. In this talk, Andrew will discuss how IPMX is different than ST 2110, how it extends it and what features are interesting for live production and interoperability with ST 2110.

“Over the course of the 2022 NAB Show, more than 30 live presentations on the AIMS booth will delve into the latest technical achievements in media over IP, implementation of standards-based IP infrastructures for real-time professional media applications, market deployments from facilities around the world, and technical advances on the horizon,” said IP Showcase Chairperson Andrew Starks. “Attendees can participate in a truly impressive array of presentations showcasing top experts, cutting-edge facilities, and the topics of most interest to broadcast and Pro AV engineers guiding their organizations toward IP-based operations.”

The IP Showcase is committed to educating attendees at major industry events on the business and creative potential of IP media solutions. Presentations at the 2022 NAB Show will explore SMPTE ST 2110 from a variety of perspectives — training and education, architecture, audio management, connectivity, and more. Experts will speak on NMOS, offering a broad tutorial and getting into specifics with more focused presentations. Numerous sessions will provide practical guidance, both through case studies profiling real-world implementations and thorough reviews of best practices related to IP production, QC, monitoring, timing, and more.

The current IP Showcase presentation schedule for the 2022 NAB Show is online at www.ipshowcase.org.