NAB 2023 ST 2110 to IPMX Intel Smart NIC N6000 Demo


Macnica’s NAB 2023 ST 2110 to IPMX Intel Smart NIC N6000 Demo

In this video, we showcase the capabilities of the Intel N6000 Smart NIC in a live demonstration at NAB 2023. This cutting-edge technology enables seamless routing of video signals between IP networks while providing low-latency performance, high bandwidth, and enhanced control. The Intel N6000 Smart NIC incorporates advanced hardware acceleration and optimized firmware, delivering outstanding processing power and efficiency for demanding network applications. By offloading complex tasks from the CPU, the Smart NIC frees up system resources and minimizes network congestion, resulting in faster and smoother operation.

The Macnica ST 2110 to IPMX solution features a flexible FPGA-based architecture that enables quick customization and adaptation for a wide range of professional media workflows. Whether you’re working with broadcast, post-production, live events, or immersive media, this solution provides a reliable and scalable platform to meet your needs.

In our demo, we show how the Intel N6000 Smart NIC can handle simultaneous 4K/UHD video streams with ease while offering sophisticated network management features such as telemetry, packet capture, and load balancing. We also demonstrate real-time monitoring and control of the entire IP network, using the powerful Macnica GUI and APIs.

Overall, the combination of the Intel N6000 Smart NIC and Macnica’s ST 2110 to IPMX solutions represents a major leap forward in IP-based media processing and delivery. Whether you’re a content creator, distributor, or service provider, this technology can help you achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and quality in your workflows.


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