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IntoPIX offers the most compact, flexible and advanced image and video compression solutions dedicated to Cinema, Broadcast, Production and Post, Pro-AV, Video Transmission and Storage applications.

Video Clarity


Video Clarity solutions fully address the audio and video quality measurement, monitoring and visual assessment challenge. Our video quality systems greatly improve productivity and dramatically reduce your time to market with a fully tested product or service.

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PacketStorm develops, manufactures, and supports high end testing solutions for the Internet Protocol (IP) communications market. PacketStorm is the market leader for advanced IP Network Emulators with dynamic and traffic conditioning emulation. PacketStorm sells test solutions through a global network of independent representatives and international distributors.

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Oregano Systems syn1588® products allow users to precisely synchronize clocks via Ethernet networks. Oregano Systems provides software, hardware, IP cores, and systems for synchronizing clocks.



Sony is a leading provide of HW and SW for the Broadcast industry. Sony has created the Sony IP Live Alliance to promote IP cameras and transport systems. Macnica has worked extensively with Sony to implement the Sony standards in FPGA products available to the marketplace.