IPMX to HDMI transceiver gateway

The MEG1 by Macnica stands as an integral IPMX to HDMI AV over IP gateway device tailored for ProAV product developers. Designed to meet the needs of professionals in the audio-visual industry, the MEG1 serves as a compliant IPMX gateway for HDMI sources and monitors. Its versatility allows for the seamless transmission or reception of IPMX-compliant video streams at speeds of up to 850 Mb/s over a 1GbE connection.

At the core of the MEG1 IPMX Gateway lies the ME10 System on a Chip (SoC). Housed in a compact 23 x 23 mm BGA package, the ME10 SoC is a full-stack AV over IP powerhouse, transporting HDMI 2.0 4K 4:4:4 video, audio, and control data over 1GbE networks. The MEG1 IPMX Gateway, powered by the ME10 SoC, is an advantageous choice for ProAV product developers. It delivers reliable performance, flexibility, and adherence to industry-leading AV over IP open standards.


  • IPMX Compliant: Ensuring adherence to IPMX standards for optimal performance.
  • HDMI 2.0 up to 4K60 4:4:4: Supporting high-quality visuals with 4K resolution at 60Hz.
  • 1Gb/s Ethernet with PoE: Facilitating high-speed data transfer and Power over Ethernet convenience.
  • HDCP: Ensuring secure content transmission through HDCP support.
  • 2-Channel Audio Insert/Extract: Enhancing audio capabilities for a comprehensive AV solution.
  • Configurable as TX or RX: Offering flexibility with the ability to switch between transmitter and receiver modes (reboot required).
  • KVM Extension: Supporting USB keyboard and mouse extension for enhanced control.
  • Built-in Web Interface: Providing easy access and management through a user-friendly interface.
  • REST and SSH/Serial APIs: Enabling seamless integration and control with robust APIs.
  • Lua Script-able Runtime Environment: Allowing customization and automation through a powerful scriptable runtime environment.

Understanding IPMX

IPMX is a transformative open standard in the AV over IP landscape, providing a common framework for transmitting video, audio, and control signals over standard IP networks. As a forerunner in IPMX solutions, Macnica plays a crucial role in advancing the evolution of IPMX products. Our commitment to compliance and innovation positions us as a reliable partner for ProAV product developers seeking cutting-edge solutions.

Embrace the future of AV over IP with the MEG1 – a gateway designed to elevate the capabilities of ProAV product developers in the dynamic realm of IPMX.