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Join Us at ISE 2024 to Experience the Future of AV: Macnica Unveils MEG1 IPMX Gateway

Macnica is excited to invite you to see the MEG1 IPMX AV over IP ethernet gateway at ISE 2024.

Breaking Boundaries in AV Technology

Our journey in active involvement with IPMX open standards development has reached a significant milestone. We are proud to introduce the AV industry’s first gateway exclusively designed for the IPMX suite of standards. The MEG1 opens up new possibilities for IPMX product developers, offering a direct ramp to product development that will redefine the landscape of AV solutions.

What’s the MEG1 All About?

The MEG1 ethernet gateway is not just a product; it’s an invitation to unleash your creativity in the world of AV over IP. Join us at Stand 5G800 in the Fira Barcelona, Gran Via, from January 30 to February 2, and be among the first to experience the MEG1 in action.

Adapted from our proven reference design for IPMX-compliant product development, the MEG1 supports low-latency, synchronized transport of 4K60 4:4:4 video, audio, and data. Whether you’re into lab-based research, development, or testing efforts, the MEG1 is your go-to solution to prepare for bringing IPMX solutions to market.

Features That Redefine the Game
  • Device discovery
  • USB and serial extension
  • Resilient network performance
  • JPEG-XS compression
  • Subframe latency

The MEG1 doesn’t just meet the standards; it exceeds them. With impressive bandwidth, the ability to send or receive IPMX-compliant video streams at up to 800 Mb/s over a 1Gb connection, and a competitive power profile for PoE devices, the MEG1 is set to revolutionize the way you approach AV over IP.

Why MEG1?

Andrew Starks, Director of Product Management at Macnica, emphasizes that the MEG1 is not just a reference design but a complete product. It’s designed to encourage experimentation and extension, allowing companies to achieve their product visions, and early adopters to seamlessly integrate the MEG1 into their systems.

Timing Is Everything

Macnica is releasing the MEG1 at a time when the IPMX suite of standards is gaining strong momentum, nearing official ratification. Starks anticipates a significant step forward in IPMX ratification just prior to ISE at the VSF Standards Testing Event in Munich, Germany. This event will focus on final interoperability tests, validating IPMX performance once and for all.

Join the Future of AV at ISE 2024

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this AV revolution. Join us at ISE 2024, experience the MEG1 firsthand, and explore how it can shape the future of your AV projects. Together, let’s advance interoperability and redefine the possibilities of AV over IP. See you at Stand 5G800!

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