Professional video transport interface cards and modules implementing next generation video over IP standards

Macnica’s Video over IP Accelerator Transport card (VIPA™) provides users within the broadcast industry’s the most proven and tested video over IP solution in the form of an easy to use PCIe server card, which would replace an SDI video capture card in a standard system. Macnica has been developing the underlying IP for the SMPTE standards since 2011 with demonstrated reliability and full standard support at multiple interop events.

Macnica’s patented clock recovery allows video clock recovery from the IP data and tolerance for significant network jitter.

Macnica’s VIPA™ card offers the industry’s most reliable, proven implementation of the video over IP standards, complete with software to easily integrate it into an NMOS-based system. Macnica offers 10G and 25G versions of VIPA™ to support all network deployments.

Macnica’s VIPA™ card is shipped with an ST 2110 Developer Edition License, a full SDK, a powerful development environment including simulation mode, and applications for NMOS. Licenses can be obtained on a permanent or subscription basis.

Working in a TV broadcast studio
MPA1000 Development Kit


Small Form Factor System on Module for 4K AV over IP

The Macnica MPA1000 4K AV over 1GbE Module merges the promise of AV over IP with the reliability and performance of ST 2110 in a module that has that has what it takes to deliver encrypted UHD 60P 4:4:4 content and control over a standard 1GbE connection.


Small form factor System on Module to support transition from SDI to ST 2110

Macnica’s EASYSS10 module allows OEM customers to easily add an multi-port SDI-to-ST 2110 gateway capabilities to their broadcast and professional AV products.