Enabling Medical Audio Visual Solutions with Surgical Precision

Pro AV Medical

Macnica’s ME10 SoC & MPA1000 4K AV over 1GbE Module delivers AV over IP with the reliability and performance that is critical in medical applications such as surgery and accurate diagnosis. Built to adhere to the IPMX open standard, which offers the highest quality, the lowest latency, full compatibility with IP network standards, and interoperability from different manufacturers. Sources such as OR cameras, scopes, patient monitoring equipment, instrumentation, servers, microphones, video recorders, and laptops, which connect via HDMI, can easily be identified through discovery and control and seamlessly all work together regardless of the manufacturer. Video is then distributed via a low-cost 1G Ethernet network to provide the most flexibility in medical AV systems. It is available anywhere on the hospital campus – from a surgeon’s heads-up display to 4K monitors for viewing by nurses and physicians.

Medical use cases include:

  • Surgical observation: camera scopes, operating suite live feeds up to 4K resolution
  • Patient diagnosis and monitoring: instant access to vitals and telemetry, patient records, and previews radiology procedures such as X-rays, CT, and MRI scans.
  • Remote learning: networked AV distribution at university hospitals and campuses provides medical students an immersive learning experience in areas such as surgery, treatment, and rehabilitation
  • Patient privacy: healthcare administrators can easily adhere to patient privacy regulations by keeping medical records and medical images on a secure, centralized server with controlled access at thin clients
  • Patient care: personalized entertainment and aftercare through distributed AV in recovery rooms
  • Digital signage: easier visitor navigation, interactive digital kiosks, patient-friendly notification.
Every ME10 or MPA1000 module allows for control of remote systems through the network, using the module’s built-in USB extension capabilities, which extend a computer’s keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) over the network. Additionally, our modules include a built-in web server with a RESTful API and a web application ready for customization by manufacturers specializing in medical AV systems.