EDID Support in IPMX


Sound and video contractor article EDID Support in IPMX

Sound & Video Contractor Presents: EDID Support in IPMX

When it comes to cables in consumer electronics, there is a high premium placed on making sure technology “just works.” In the professional AV world, where complicated setups are the norm, EDID’s limitations can become a big challenge. For example, throw in a distribution amplifier or multicast with AV over IP to drive multiple monitors, and you’ll begin to understand the pain and frustration of your average professional AV installer. This is because EDID is designed for simple one-to-one connections, and everything beyond this is done with hacks that are not based on standards or best practices. As a result, there is a small cottage industry of donkey-knuckles (aka dongles and do-hickeys) designed to fake out source devices, replacing the EDID information that the source device would normally receive from the monitor with whatever the installer wants. Believe it or not, these kinds of workarounds represent the state of the art in AV over IP installations as of 2022.

In this article, Andrew Starks discusses how IPMX thoroughly supports content negotiation between sources and displays, especially in multicast scenarios.

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