Born in Broadcast, Bred by ProAV


One of the greatest things about IPMX, the new free and open standard for AV over IP, is that it was born in the broadcast industry, where quality must be outstanding yet operations simple.

But quality and simplicity aren’t enough. The AV industry demands far more. Security, simplified network addressing, the ability to work easily with standard control systems, copy protection, and visually lossless compression, so that 4K video can run on the 1-gig IP networks installed nearly everywhere.

And we want assurance that any standard we adopt has the weight of the entire industry behind it, so the investments we make will not be wasted.

All of that is what IPMX brings to the table.

It is based on, and is interoperable with, SMPTE ST 2110, developed by the 221 member companies of SMPTE, the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers.

And it includes the additional features needed by the Pro AV industry, and has the backing of the 87 member companies of the AIMS Alliance, the largest AV-industry group working in AV over IP.

It’s the best of both worlds – quality similar to SDI with the features of HDMI  – all on standard, economical Internet Protocol wiring, switches and other components.

If you’re a manufacturer or integrator of AV components or systems, it’s time you started working on your own IPMX products. Macnica can help you jump in.

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